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What is M2TS

What Is M2TS

The M2TS is a high definition video file that are created by Sony, Canon, Panasonic and and other brands of AVCHD camcorders. M2TS files can be raw AVCHD videos or high definition video on Blu-ray Disc.


The .M2TS files contain a BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream. Each stream has its own file and their names are of the form #####.M2TS (a five-digit number followed by .M2TS). ##### is also used in the filename of an associated clip information file "#####.clpi". (This number can be a date and time stamp of when the video clip was recorded.) Each stream has its own file.

M2ts files in AVCHD format use legacy "8.3" file naming convention, while Blu-ray Discs use long filenames. That's why the filename extension of video files is ".MTS" instead of Blu-ray Disc's ".m2ts". Also other files use different extensions: .CPI - .clpi, .MPL - .mpls, .BDM - .bdmv.


The M2TS files on a Blu-ray Disc are placed in the subdirectory "STREAM" of "BDMV" (or "BDAV") directory, which is at the root level. (e.g. \BDMV\STREAM\00001.m2ts or \BDAV\STREAM\00001.m2ts) On some AVCHD equipment, the "BDMV" directory is located in the "AVCHD" directory, which is placed at the root level (e.g. \AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00001.MTS).



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