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What is HTML5

What Is HTML5

HTML5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. Though, there is still a fair amount of time before HTML 5 is regularly seen on the world wide web, it's worth taking a closer look.

  • Offline storage: Kind of like "Super Cookies," but with much more space to store both one-time data and persistent app databases, like email. Actually, you can think of offline storage as something a lot like Google Gears—you just won't need to install a plug-in to reap the benefits.
  • Canvas drawing: Sites can mark off a space on a page where interactive pictures, charts and graphs, game components, and whatever else imagination allows can be drawn directly by programming code and user interaction—no Flash or other plug-ins required.
  • Native video and audio streaming support: It's in the very early stages and subject to format disruption, but sites like YouTube and Pandora could one day skip Flash entirely to bring you streaming audio and video, with timed playback and other neat features.
  • Geolocation: Just what it sounds like, but not limited to a single provider's API or browser tool. HTML5 can find your location and use it to tailor things like search results, tag your Twitter updates, and more. Location-aware devices are a big deal.
  • Smarter forms: Search boxes, text inputs, and other you-type-here fields get better controls for focusing, validating data, interacting with other page elements, sending through email, and more. It may not sound that sexy, but it could mean less annoyance as a user, and that's always a good thing.
  • Web application focus: Without breaking down the hundreds of nuts and bolts, it's fair to say that HTML5 is aimed at making it easier to build wikis, drag-and-drop tools, discussion boards, real-time chat, search front-ends, and other modern web elements into any site, and have them work the same across browsers.

HTML 5 actually encompasses a whole host of new features designed to make the development of web applications easier, and most of those features are quite a long way from being useful. However, the new elements can be used today, despite the fact that many web browsers either don't support them or don't offer complete support.


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