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Transfer Videos from Camera/Camcorder to iPad

How to Transfer Videos from Camera/Camcorder to iPad

There are always moments in our life that we want to preserve and remember. Shooting with a camera is not a bad idea. But the problem arises when we want to watch the captured videos on iPad. Many people have trouble to transfer videos from camera/camcorder to iPad, but following this article most cases can be solved.

To transfer videos from camera (or video camcorder) to iPad, our first step is downloading the video from camera to computer(Windows/Mac), and then transfer videos to iPad via iTunes.

Transferring videos from camera to computer(Windows/Mac)

Memory cards


ds. If your computer has a build-in memory card reader, simply remove the memory card from your camera and insert it into your computer. Otherwise, you need to connect an external memory card reader to your computer through the USB port. Then, go to "my computer", you will find a new disk. Now, you can transfer the video from the new disk to another disk.

USB port

If you don't have a memory card reader, you can still import video files to your computer using the USB port. Simply plug one end of the USB cable (usually included with your camera) into your video camera, and plug the other end into your computer. When you plug it up to your computer, turn your camera on. Then a pop-up will come up on your computer. Click "Add all pictures to pc" or something to that effect. The video will be in there.

Transferring videos from computer to iPad

Yes, this is deadly easy. Just open iTunes, click "Add file to library" to import the video to iTunes. And select iPad at devices to sync..

But sometimes we get failed notice. That is due to iTunes can't encode the video. Many camera or camcorder capture the video and save it to avi, mod/tod(JVC camcorder) m2ts/mts (AVCHD Camcorder) or other file formats that iTunes does not support. In order to import these videos to iTunes, we have to convert them to mp4 file format that iTunes can easily read.

To solve the problem, we need a program called iPad video converter to help. It can convert any videos including avi, wmv, mkv, mov, m2ts, avchd, mod, etc. to iTunes/iPad mp4 file format. The video conversion can be done within 4 steps – open the program, load your videos, set the output file format to mp4, and then convert!

That's it. Transferring video from camera/camcorder is just as simple as it sounds!

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