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Stream 2012 Euro Cup Video from TiVo to Apple TV

Stream 2012 Euro Cup Video from TiVo to Apple TV

The UEFA Euro 2012, a great football feast for the world, is holding in Poland and Ukraine this summer. It is a great time for you to take your TiVo and record the whole competition and watch it on Apple TV. If you are looking for ways to stream 2012 Euro Cup video from TiVo to Apple TV(including Apple TV 1, Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3), here is the solution:

Firstly, transfer 2012 Euro Cup show from TiVo to Computer

Secondly, convert 2012 Euro Cup show to MP4 format

Thirdly, stream 2012 Euro Cup show from Computer to Apple TV

Transfer 2012 Euro Cup show from TiVo to Computer

1. Please download and install TiVo Desktop which will help you transfer TiVo shows. And make sure your TiVo box is connected to your home network. Now run TiVo Desktop.

2. Click "Pick Recordings to Transfer." Then a window that lists all your TiVo’ shows will pop up. Check the box beside the show that you would like to transfer to your computer.

transfer tivo shows with tivo desktop

3. Click "Start Transfer." When the tasks are completed, the transferred shows will appear under the TiVo Desktop's Now Playing List.

Convert 2012 Euro Cup Show to MP4 format

1. Download, install and run iPad Video Converter. This app helps convert TiVo shows to an iTunes friendly format like MP4. You can download iPad Video Converter here.

2. Click "Add File" to import 2012 Euro Cup show to the program.

convert Tivo shows for Apple TV with iPad Video Converter

3. Set the output format at "Profile". ie. iPad > iPad H.264 Video(*.mp4)

4. Start to convert at "START". After conversion, you can find the target videos by clicking "Open Folder".


Sream 2012 Euro Cup Show from Computer to Apple TV
Any content in iTunes on your PC can be sent to the Apple TV. However it's much easier to play it from the Apple TV. You just need to turn homesharing on in iTunes and on the Apple TV (iTunes > advanced in iTunes and settings > computers on the Apple TV).

Now, just enjoy the recorded 2012 Euro Cup video on Apple TV!

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