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How to Transfer and Convert DVD Movies to iPhone 4


I just realized that I can't put my lovely DVD movies on iPhone 4 shortly after my purchasing. What a shock. I like watching DVD movies and have collected a bunch of them and I am desperately expecting to play them on iPhone 4 during my journey to Australia...


iPhone 4 is no doubt an elegant phone that meets most of our demand. However, it is a pity that it is designed without a DVD player that can play DVD on it. The only way to play DVD on iPhone 4 would be convert DVD movies to iPhone 4 format like MP4, M4V. What you need is a quick DVD to iPhone 4 Converter.


Here is an artilce on how to convert DVD movies to iPhone 4.


Note: Ripping copyright protected DVDs may be illegal depending on the country on which you are residing in. Please consult all local laws before continuing .

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