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Transfer iPhone Apps to iPad

How to Transfer iPhone Applications to My iPad?

Question: Hi, my husband just bought me an iPad today and when I synced it for the first time he told me to sync it like it was new. I have bought couple of apps for my iPhone and wonder if I will be able to copy these apps over to iPad.


Depends on the app and developer. Some are universal (they'll run on both iPhone and iPad) and some are completely separate. For example, NetNewsWire has separate iPhone and iPad versions (and each need to be purchased separately), whereas the and Kindle apps will run on both. "Universal" apps are marked with a + sign in iTunes. If the iPhone apps would work on iPad, you should be able to sync them from iTunes just like you did with the other iPad.


But, the apps install on a new device like new they don't carry your user data with them. That's to say, you are not able to sync the apps to iPad with all the info that's already in the apps.

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