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Samsung Galaxy Tab VS. Apple iPad, Which Is Better?

Question: With the recent unveiling of the Sumsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry PlayBook, the long-anticipated tablet market is finally taking shape. Between Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook, We just held a discussion on those advantages and disadvantages. Now, let's move on to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, which do you thing will be the final winner on tablet market?

iPad VS. Sumsung Galaxy Tab


Portability And Display

iPad Screen: 9.7-inch; Dimensions: 190mm x 243mm x 13mm; Weight: 680-730g
Galaxy Tab Screen: 7-inch; Dimensions: 120mm x 190mm x 12mm; Weight: 380g



iPad CPU: 1 GHz Apple A4; GPU: PowerVR SGX 535; RAM: 256MB; Operating system:currently iOS 3.2, iOS 4.2 coming later this year
Galaxy Tab CPU: 1 GHz 'Hummingbird' Application Processor; GPU: PowerVR SGX 540; RAM: 512MB; Operating system: Android 2.2, upgradable to Android 3.0 but no date mentioned


The Apple iPad uses its own A4 processor - the same one that is found in the iPhone 4 and the new Apple TV - and its own iOS operating system for nippy web browsing and playback of video. The interface is extremely smooth. And even no long later a new iOS 4 will come out that is available for the iPad to boast multi-tasking, too. However, iPad is still missing the support for Adobe flash and there is no plan on it.


Of course, Android has had multi-tasking all along, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab is no different with its 2.2 Froyo edition of the Android OS. It's also got a 1GHz processor and an iPad-beating 1080p video playback(iPad is able to play 720p video), as well as Flash support. Another feature that the iPad lacks is the ability to make voice calls using a SIM card, making this a true big brother to the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.



This is another stumbling block for the iPad, coming as it does with only a 3.5mm headphone jack and a standard Apple 30-pin charging port. Adding any peripherals on will require a dock, which will cost you a pretty penny on top of what is already a not-inexpensive piece of kit. It does have WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 on the standard models, though, and for an extra £100 and a monthly fee you can get a micro 3G sim for on-the-go web browsing.


The Galaxy Tab includes a slot for a normal SIM card, so you can use it for calls, texts and web browsing just like a massive smartphone. It also carries Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi and comes with a MicroSD slot, so you can transfer files more easily, or just beef up the Tab's storage space.


There are three models of iPad available to buy; sizes available are 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, and each size is available with or without 3G, with 3G models costing $130 extra (plus a monthly fee for internet usage). A 32GB WiFi-only model will cost you $599, while a 64GB WiFi-only model costs a princely $699.


Though, the official pricing of Sumsung Galaxy Tap hasn't been announced just yet, Samsung suggests Galaxy Tab will cost between $200 and $400 on contract -- also coming to Vodafone.


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