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How to Reduce The Size of The Output File When Ripping DVD to iPad or iPhone

Question:I convert my DVD collection into mpeg collection to watch DVD on iPad without dvd player but now problem is mpeg files take 5.0 gb for 1 movie and now i don't have free space avaliable for more movies. Now I want to reduce size of my old mpeg files without losing picture quality, any help ?

Answer: When converting DVD for iPad and iPhone, how to reduce the size of the output file ?

Tips 1: Try cutting out all of the subtitles and other audio streams and only keep the main video and audio stream. It probably still won't help enough, but it's worth a try.

Tips 2: The size of the resulting file correspond directly with the bit-rate. The higher the bit-rate is, the bigger file size will be.


When determining the best bit-rate to use to always keep the source content in mind. Older TV Shows on DVD, for example, will seldom benefit from using an extremely high bit-rate, since the original video quality was relatively low to begin with. On the other hand, recent blockbuster movies with lots of action and motion should definitely be encoding with as high a bit-rate as reasonably possible for iPad.

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