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Is DVD Movie Still on Disc after DVD Ripping for iPad

Is My Movie Still on the DVD Disc after DVD Ripping for iPad

Question: I have a bunch of DVD discs and I would like to put these DVD to iPad. I learn that I have to rip DVD to Mp4 video file for iPad. My concern is will that DVD ripping to iPad damage the disc or is my movies still on the DVD disc?

Answer: The DVD Ripping to iPad is the process of encoding DVD content to a different format like MP4 so it can be played on iPad. The whole process is rather like copying videos or audios to a hard disk, other than extracting contents off DVD disc. Despite the name "rip", neither media nor the data is removed or damaged after encoding. You can play DVD movies on home DVD player as before.

The program to rip a DVD is DVD to iPad Converter. It can rip DVD to H.264 or MPEG-4 to be play on iPad. Just download it and give it a try. You will have a better understanding.

Note, you can only use the program for personal use. ie. backup your DVD movies. Any commercial purpose is not allowed.

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If you have an iPad, you must want to transfer videos to Apple iPad for watching especially when you are going for a trip. If your videos are in avi format, please convert avi file to iPad before adding videos to iPad via iTunes. If your have a classical DVD, you can rip DVD movies to iPad.You can also download movies from torrent sites and import torrent files to iTunes and iPad.