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iPad VS. Laptop, Which Is Better

iPad VS. Laptop, Which Is Better

Question: I am going to purchase an iPad or a laptop and i want to know which one is better, like pros and cons.



iPad Pros:
Example: you want to download a video on computer: visit a website and download the link, you might get virus or spyware with it. On iPad: You will visit the website through app Downloader or GoodReader and if video contains virus, it won't download, but if it's clean, it will download.

You can download any software on computer. iPad, you can add same functionalities by installing apps from Apple Store. You can't just visit a website and download software. But apps are more reliable and productive.

One major thing : you can connect any printer to laptop. iPad: there are many ways to get print out but all printer won't work.

Computer has CD and DVD player. iPad doesn't have but who needs these useless drive now. You can watch movies online using Netflix or other free websites. And you can get document from the cloud. Cloud tech is future.

If you create a doc on iPad you save on device plus iWork .doc, google doc, Box, Dropbox or many other server so you can instantly access those files from any corner of the world.

iPad doesn't boot so it's super fast. If I need to make a shirt presentation, I can make on iPad at least 50 times faster than a PC. And upload to anywhere. By the time I will finishing my work, PC will just finish the booting process.

iPad has opened the door and showed the world a new way of computing which is lighter yet more productive.
iPad has incredible battery life. It easily lasts 15 hours if you are constantly using it for Internet,games,videos and downloads. And if you use moderately ,it goes for two days.


iPad Cons

You cannot multitask. You can only do one task at a time. If you want to surf the web and type into a document, you can’t. Listen to music while you surf the web? Nope. You need to exit one and then open the other.

-No flash support. Enjoy the web without much of its content!

-No camera. A $30 Tracfone has a camera and an expensive Apple product doesn't? Wow.

-It doesn’t have an SD card slot. You want expand it from the limited capacity options that Apple offers? You can't. Want to easily load all your photos and music on it? You can't.

-No USB ports. You need to buy a special dongle and attach it to the iPad if you want to use any peripherals. Ah yes, that’s convenient and cost-effective. Peripheral support will also be very limited by its operating system.

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