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How to Copy WMV to iPad

Question: I have some WMV files on my laptop that I wana put on iPad. I've tried adding the file via itunes without success (both drag and drop and "add file"). Please indicate how to manage it. Much thanks.


WMV file is short for Windows Media Video, developed by Mircrosoft to deliver video and audio datas. WMV can be played on Windows Media Player and other players such as MPlayer, but not iTunes. iPad and iTunes, both are Apple products, do not support WMV files. Mircrosoft and Apple are competitors that no one would support the other one's products.


If you want to download WMV to iPad, you have to convert WMV to iPad compatible file like MP4, M4V and this WMV to iPad artilce is gona to help.

Another easy solution is to download iPad transfer. It can transfer any videos to iPad, even the video is not supported by iPad.(The iPad transfer will convert the videos to the iPad video format on the fly.)

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If you have an iPad, you must want to transfer videos to Apple iPad for watching especially when you are going for a trip. If your videos are in avi format, please convert avi file to iPad before adding videos to iPad via iTunes. If your have a classical DVD, you can rip DVD movies to iPad.You can also download movies from torrent sites and import torrent files to iTunes and iPad.