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DVD Movies Upload to iCloud

Can I Upload DVD Movies to iCloud

Question:  I had a lot of DVD movies on my computer and I am planning to upload DVD to iPad. I though the iOS 5 should allow all movies uploaded to iCloud and available to my iPad. But it's not working.

Answer: iCloud, a breakthrough set of free new cloud services that work seamlessly with applications on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC to automatically and wirelessly store your content in iCloud and automatically and wirelessly push it to all your devices.

It seems that iCloud is advertised as a storage and sync for all purpose. iCloud stores music, photos, documents, and more. With iCloud, we stay away from all-those pay-for sync apps; with iCloud, we stop worrying about losing data on Apple devices; with iCloud, we can share files among all the iOS devices.

However, when I am trying to upload DVD movies from Mac to iCloud and begin to imagine enjoying movies on iPad, it turns out that iCloud is not capable to store DVD movies. How sad it is. Though Apple adds movies as an additional feature in iTunes in the Cloud, iCloud can only automatically re-download and show movies that you bought from iTunes store to all your iOS devices, using the same iTunes account that you're logged into on your device. iCloud won't rip DVD movies just as iTunes rips CD. DVD ripped is not able to be stored in iCloud either. (Updated from: Apple claims that iCloud could store all content, there is no "movies" or "videos" word mentioned on when introducing iCloud even on the video tutorial actually.)

I try searching on Google and hoping someone has hacked to transfer DVD movies to iCloud. But, no luck.

It has been half a year since iCloud was first introduced on the WWDC, 2011. It's definitely that iCloud is still on the way and there are a bunch of things waiting to be improved. Then, will iCloud be allowed to store and transfer DVD movies sooner or later? I am afraid not. Apple won't let iTunes rip DVD, then, it won't let iCloud do with DVD.

At last, I gave up iCloud, back to DVD to iPad converter to rip DVD for iPad, and use iTunes to transfer and sync so as to watch movies on iPad.

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