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Blu-ray Movies to iPad

Can I Put Blu-ray Movies onto My iPad

Question: I got some Blu-ray Movie disc. Can I put them on my iPad just like putting my DVD to iPad so I can watch them during the trip? Thanks in advance.

Answer: Yes. The process is pretty much like putting DVD movies to iPad. Firstly you have to copy the Blu-ray movies to your computer and then transfer to the iPad. The difference is you should use Blu-ray ripper for ripping Blu-ray movies to iPad other than DVD to iPad converter.

Most of the Blu-ray ripper (or Blu-ray to iPad converter) Convert Blu-ray movies to iPad videos in H.264 HD, H.264 or MPEG-4 format so that you can easily copy them to iTunes and then watch on iPad. Besides, you can also the Blu-ray ripper to clip movie segments, crop movie image frames, merge and split videos, attach your own picture or text label, and apply artistic effects to your movie prior to conversion.

Note, some Blu-ray ripper will require AnyDVD HD v6.5 or above installed in your computer. Also, an external BD drive is required for ripping Blu-ray disc.

DVD to iPad Converter

DVD to iPad Converter

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If you have an iPad, you must want to transfer videos to Apple iPad for watching especially when you are going for a trip. If your videos are in avi format, please convert avi file to iPad before adding videos to iPad via iTunes. If your have a classical DVD, you can rip DVD movies to iPad.You can also download movies from torrent sites and import torrent files to iTunes and iPad.