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Blackberry Playbook VS. Apple iPad, Which Is Better?

Question: RIM had official announced the new tablet computer - Blackberry Playbook to compete with Apple iPad. So, should I wait until early 2011 for the Blackberry Playbook, or just go forward to Apple iPad? Which is better?

Apple iPad, Blackberry Playbook, which is better



Winner: BlackBerry PlayBook

Not unlike RIM's phones, the BlackBerry PlayBook will best its Apple equivalent on both size and weight. The seven-inch screen shrinks its top-down footprint correspondingly, but it also loses a tenth of an inch in depth (0.4 inches thick versus 0.5 on the iPad) and weighs 0.9 pounds, less than two thirds the weight of the 1.5-pound iPad.


Operating System

Winner: ?

Apple iPad runs on the Apple iOS. iOS is user-friendly and that is the reason behind its popularity.

BlackBerry Playbook runs on BB Tablet OS. BlackBerry Tablet OS is a new QNX-based OS which was announced by BlackBerry on 27th September 2010. QNX Software Systems developed this OS specially for the Playbook.


Winner: Apple iPad

Apple iPad has a 9.7-inch screen. Resolution - 1024 x 768.

BlackBerry has a 7-inch screen. Resolution - 1024 x 600.


Winner: ?

Apple claims up to 10 hours of web, video or music and nine hours on 3G, while BlackBerry isn't saying anything about the PlayBook's battery just yet.


We'd expect it to be competitive, though, as a tablet that doesn't last all day simply won't sell to BlackBerry's demanding business customers.


Winner: Apple iPad

Rather than carrying over the latest BlackBerry OS to the PlayBook, RIM opted to start over with the new "Neutrino" OS from QNX, a company it acquired back in April. On the up side, the PlayBook gets a specially designed OS optimized for its seven-inch screen. On the downside, developers will have to start from scratch developing apps for it, rather than granting access to the 10,000 apps already available for BlackBerry smartphones through BlackBerry App World. Meanwhile, the iPad boasts access to 25,000 iPad-optimized apps in Apple's App Store and growing, plus access to the full 250,000 made for iOS.

While it looks grim for the PlayBook, RIM has promised robust support for Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR and HTML5, which could potentially help fill the void of dedicated apps with Web applications.

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