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AVI to iPad Encoding Presets

How to Set the Parameters When Converting AVI to iPad

Question: Hi, I have an iPad and want to know how to set the setings before converting AVI files to get a wonderful watching experience on iPad?

Answer: If it’s the first time you get an iPad, you must probably want to fill your iPad with music, photos and movies. Through Google or maybe your friend you learn that you need extra tools like AVI to iPad converter to put movies like AVI file to iPad due to Apple’s strict file importing guidelines.

While converting files for iPad could be very easy, encoding presets puzzle most people that aim for both quality and file size. The AVI to iPad converter designs to convert AVI files to iPad readable format with built-in optimized presets to get a best result when watching converted movies on iPad.

The straightest way to set the parameters is - find out the "profile" drop down list form the main panel, choose the device you use, iPad, and choose iPad H.264 Video(*.mp4).

If you are converting HD videos, you have multiple choices. You can either set the output profile to iPad H.264 720p Video (*.mp4) and create a HD content. Or, you choose to convert HD videos to SD videos and set the output profile to iPad H.264 Video(*.mp4).

Note, the iPad H.264 720p Video (*.mp4) is not recommended when your original source video is already at a smaller resolution.

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If you have an iPad, you must want to transfer videos to Apple iPad for watching especially when you are going for a trip. If your videos are in avi format, please convert avi file to iPad before adding videos to iPad via iTunes. If your have a classical DVD, you can rip DVD movies to iPad.You can also download movies from torrent sites and import torrent files to iTunes and iPad.