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Are There Any Good iPad Apps?

Question: Hi, I just purchased an iPad and I want some pretty cool apps. What are your top favorite apps? Name as many as you want! Thanks in advance.


Netflix: Assuming you’re a Netflix member, the new iPad app lets you watch as many movies as you want (assuming they’re available on Netflix’s Watch Instantly service) streaming to the device. Yes, this gives you access to some 20,000+ movies and television shows. You can also browse movies and manage your queue from the app. And you can even pick up watching them from where you left off on your TV or computer.

ABC Player: One of the first TV apps in the store, and a promising start. It's essentially a slick interface for the ABC video content you can already stream on their website, and it's free.

ESPN ScoreCenter: If game-specific apps aren't your bag, ESPN ScoreCenter provides a sickeningly constant feed of sports information. Drilling down for specific game scores on your iPhone was one thing, but the columns, panes and frames here are almost too much. $5

BBC: There's something serene and reassuring about the BBC's news coverage, whether it be video, print, or radio—all of which are here.

StumbleUpon: Simple link sharing and discovery, via your StumbleUpon account. The service's wandering appeal makes more sense with two hands than a pair of thumbs. Free You need a dictionary on your iPad. Here is a free dictionary for your iPad. (And even a thesaurus!)

Loopt Pulse: The iPad may be better suited for planning events around location, rather than actively participating in location. With Loopt Pulse, you load up the main screen to see where you are and everything that’s going on around you. On the left side of the screen you get a list of places, and on the right, you can see each of those places on a map and more details about them.

Pandora Radio: Version 3.0 of Pandora is a Universal app, meaning it includes builds for the iPhone and iPad. The iPad version takes advantage of the large 9.7 inch screen of the device. Rather than having to switch views to see things such as your stations, they can reside on the left hand side of the screen as your album artwork and artist information is on the right hand side. Artist information is a particular area of emphasis with this new app.

DVD to iPad Converter: It is perfect component for iPad users. It can convert and rip DVD movies to iPad video and audio easily. The default presets are the optimized settings for iPad with best video quality and sound effect. With 3 simple steps you can put favorite DVD movies on iPad watch on iPad's big screen.

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